Bat Cave Botanicals is a small business & forest farm located in beautiful Bat Cave, North Carolina. We offer ethically wildcrafted & superior quality Wild American Ginseng, and are actively involved in promoting education, public awareness & sustainable harvest techniques for Ginseng & other remarkable rare 'At Risk' botanicals. (see


We have been growing ginseng and protecting wild populations for over 10 years. We specialize in stewardship of  local native populations & ‘ethical harvesting’ which means digging mature roots only in the proper season, selectively harvesting less than one third any population, and zealously planting the red berries which contain the ginseng seeds.

Bat Cave Botanicals is a registered North Carolina Ginseng Dealer.

We comply with all Federal & North Carolina regulations concerning the harvest, inspection, certification & sale of Wild American Ginseng. We also abide by an ethical code regarding the stewardship & harvest of Ginseng and other at-risk plants.

Bat Cave Botanicals provides some of the very best Wild American Ginseng Roots in the US! Our roots are carefully hand harvested and hung up to dry, to ensure top quality as well as maximum potency!

Each root is Inspected & Certified to be 100% Wild American Ginseng from North Carolina. We ethically harvest our ginseng roots, and believe in protecting the ginseng population & the future of wild Ginseng by carefully replanting the berries & practicing sustainable collection.

For your shopping convenience, we sell through! We also take check & credit cards though Paypal (no account needed). Please peruse our shops or email us to inquire about purchasing ginseng today!

Inquire about a custom wild ginseng harvest (in season only)


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