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This is a partial list of Native & ‘At Risk’ Woodland Botanicals that we will be offering in the Spring of 2020. 


All of our plants are sourced from from well managed native populations on our own property. As such, we only have limited availability according to our responsible harvesting practices. Once we receive your order, we will send a paypal invoice & finalize the shipping details! All plants will be shipped early in the week in order to avoid weekend mail delays. Bare root natives are best planted immediately. 


Please inquire by sending an email to,

or use the form below!

$50 minimum order please!

Coming soon!

Blue Cohosh

American Ginseng

Indian Cucumber

Showy Orchis

Cranefly Orchid

Liver Wart (Hepatica)

Wild Ginger

Southern Nodding Trillium

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