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Welcome to Bat Cave Designs.

Welcome to Bat Cave Designs.

Welcome to Bat Cave Designs.

Welcome to Bat Cave Designs.

Welcome to Bat Cave Designs.

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Custom Website Design

+ Development

Whether you're looking for a fresh start, a complete re-design, or you are wanting to implement specifics like online scheduling, my custom websites are tailored to your specifications and unique business. I can work on any platform, but at this time I often use  WIX  for ease-of-use and training purposes.

Custom Website Design 
~"One Page" Website or Landing Page Development
~Multi-page Websites - including:
~Online Scheduling & Booking
~Blog Development
~Etsy (+ other E-Commerce) Integrations
Resource-level Websites

Other Design Services
~Informational Design
~Administrative Workflow Design
~Newsletters & Email Campaign Design & Branding
~Brand Development & Strategy
~Designing "templates" for almost anything

Coaching & Training
~Tech Strategy & Training: Basic through Advanced
~Hardware & Software Consulting
~Gmail & Google Drive Solutions
~Productivity Coaching
~Content "Pipeline" Strategy

Graphics & Print Design

Graphics, logo products, packaging, and branded print material can truly add another dimension to your business. Believe it or not, it can actually even save time and help to streamline workflow when you have everything laid out.


Not only can you convey the look and feel of your business in a few moments through logos and graphics, but it's surprisingly easy to craft an overall look and brand across the entire online spectrum.  Good branding has the potential to convey so much more than words in the mind of a client. Recognition, trust, authenticity and identity are all factors in an online world swimming with distracting visual junk. Beautiful & consistent graphics that span a website, social media, prints & newsletters create a professional and branded style that is as unique as you, your business, and your story.

Along with websites & graphics, I can also love to create or improve, or "brand" paperwork, forms, questionnaires, surveys, apps or any printed media, including packaging, and stationery.

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