Welcome to Bat Cave Designs.

My name is Sara, and this is my little portfolio.

Please have a look around, and thanks for visiting!

I am a web designer with a passion.

Passion for nature, passion for design, and passion for a good cause.

In the meantime, I also have a passion for helping my clients achieve new heights by helping them optimize their small businesses by improving workflow, resolving technology challenges, and

focusing on strategy, from the general to the specific.

I love to help others work smarter and better.

Not only do I love building beautiful websites for individuals,

small businesses, and nonprofits, but I also specialize in

one-on-one training and strategic sessions, for those who want to learn to manage and maintain their own website, blog, and social media.

Whether your goal is to create or refresh a website, learn the skills to develop your own content, or plan and implement a strategy, my holistic approach is focused on supporting your unique goals.

I really enjoy empowering people to spend more time doing what they love and crafting their passion, whether that be writing, building something, working in nature, or helping others.



Whether you're looking for a fresh start, a complete re-design,

or are wanting to implement online scheduling, my custom websites are tailor-made to your unique business. I can work on any platform, but at this time I often use WIX for its ease of use and for training purposes.

~Custom Website Packages~

"One Page" Website or Landing Page Development

Multi-page Websites - including:

Online Scheduling & Booking

Blog Development

Etsy (and other E-Commerce) Integrations

~Other Design Services~

Newsletters & Email Campaign Design

Brand Development & Strategy

~Coaching & Training~

Tech Strategy & Training: Basic through Advanced

Hardware & Software

Gmail & Google Drive Coaching & Solutions

Productivity Coaching

Content "Pipeline" Strategy


Graphics, logo products, packaging, and branded print material add another dimension of interest and professionalism to your business.


Not only can you convey the look and feel of your business in a few moments through logos and graphics, but it's surprisingly easy to craft an overall look or "feel" across the entire online spectrum. Having a brand "voice" or "presence" has the potential to convey much more than words in the minds of a customer. Beautiful & consistent graphics that span a website, social media, prints & newsletters create a professional and branded style that is as unique as you & your business!

Along with websites & graphics, I can also create, improve, or "brand" paperwork, forms, questionnaires, or any printed media, including packaging, and stationery. Believe it or not, improving intake forms and paperwork is something

I actually enjoy :)


My name is Sara, and I am a mother, partner, photographer, artist, and writer.  A person of many hats, so to speak. My family lives in the wild and ruggedly beautiful mountains of Bat Cave, NC. The other side of our family business is Bat Cave Botanicals, and my incredible partner Martin makes amazing handcrafted fine furniture.

I am a perpetual student... always learning something new & 

implementing the many lessons that nature & life have to teach.

I have always had a gift for technology, but have had a love-hate relationship with it most of my life. Nowadays, I have come to believe that it is possible to have the best of both worlds and fuse the realms of nature AND technology together to improve one's life. Through simplicity, holistic design, and purpose-driven functionality, I like to think of my tech philosophy as something of a garden.


Like any garden, you get out more than what you put in, and with the right conditions, can grow something truly incredible. Like any garden, the purpose, goal, and seasons of technology are constantly evolving. However, the lasting lessons of simple beauty, functionality & thoughtful design are always at the heart of all I do. Because my creativity is born out of constant inspiration from the natural world, 

I have a unique and holistic outlook that is highly adaptive and constantly improving. I strive to be a good gardener.


I am always on the lookout for projects that involve a good cause because I believe that gifts, talents, and skills always come the responsibility to better the world around us as well as the lives of our community.


Alignment: Chaotic Good/Neutral Good

Favorite Plant: Woods Nettles & Wild American Ginseng

Favorite Children's Book: Instructions by Neil Gaiman

Favorite Fairy Tale: The Seven Ravens

Favorite Color: Green


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